#FotoFriday: Hartford Hockey


As we were deciding what photos to post for our inaugural #FotoFriday (or should it be #PhotoFriday or #PhotoPhriday? we like the alliteration regardless), we saw that the UCONN Men’s Hockey team was playing tonight (vs. Vermont) at XL Center in Hartford. We also noticed that they are welcoming back and honoring two former Hartford Whalers, Bob Crawford (1983-1986) and Mark Janssens (1992-1997). As most of you Hartfordites know, Bob is at the XL Center more than the Huskies team, in fact, as voice of (and PR man for) the Hartford WolfPack. With that, here is your #FotoFriday album from this year’s “Painting of the ice” on Sept. 15, 2015 – consider this a bonus combo #FotoFriday + #FlashbackFriday! You’re welcome!






When is the last time you went to a hockey game in Hartford?

Can you be a Hartford Wolf Pack fan and a Hartford Whaler fan? Why/why not? 

Photos by Edward Main – all photos copyrighted. 

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