#Kurios opens in Boston – CirqueduSoleil

Come behind the scenes with #Kurios – 57 PICS at bottom! 


From dress rehearsals through opening night, this week Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios show invited us to come experience the magic backstage and as they unveiled their Cabinet of Curiosities to their 12th tour city, Boston. So, we’re bringing you with us!

One of the best parts of living in Hartford is our proximity to both NYC and Boston, as you know. We get the best of both worlds and it’s just a short two hour drive to either (sometimes less to Boston). Over the next week we at INHartfordMag will drop some fun stories on Kurios, which is located near Logan Airport, only an hour and half away! Don’t wait though, get your tickets now – they are only in Beantown until July 10.

flying fish2

Photo: media kit

The shows stop in Boston was a homecoming of sorts for one cast member, David Locke, who is from Natick, MA. While this isn’t his first Cirque show (about 60% of the Kurios performers have been in previous shows), this is his first touring show, making this the first time family and friends can all come see him do his thing. By the way, his “thing” is flopping around in a net like a fish, but more on that next week with an exclusive interview with David (stay tuned).


Also coming is an interview with the show’s singer, Eirini IMG_0615-30Tornesaki, who completely killed it vocally – can’t believe she had never heard of Cirque when she auditioned (is that possible?). Here’s a quick shot of the two of us backstage…I took the liberty to “rednose” us for #RedNoseDay, in support of helping kids – I know Eirini wouldn’t mind.

Merci to my hosts, especially Amélie Robitaille (below), traveling publicist for Kurios and Darren with Allied who showed over-the-top, well make that the Grand Chapiteau, hospitality. Hey, Amélie, nice tail.


Photos ©Edward Main, unless noted

Kurios by Cirque du Soleil
Boston May 26-July 10 

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What is your favorite Cirque du Soleil show?


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