Hungry for ART in hARTford?

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Hungry for art? Sometimes art happens fast; usually art quenches. We happened to be strolling downtown Hartford yesterday when we spotted a curious sidewalk cafe-style sign that read OPEN HOUSE: “the art room”.


#ArtRoom located at 100 Pearl #Hartford

Hungry for a creative snack, and remembering an email about this the day before, we ventured in to find Paul Stigliano & Stephen Morelli ready to host art lovers on the new opportunities of the #artroom. Even chef, Cathy Malloy stopped in along with others from the Greater Hartford Arts Council  to chat with make-shift, and real, artisans on lunch break. While it was a bit chilly for an al fresco treat, or plein air if you will, GHAC quenched the midday appetite.

The purpose of the OPEN HOUSE, according to a release, was to show off “a new creative space for arts projects and team building activities.” The Art Room  has a menu for art-based team building opportunities including drip + splat painting, post-it note murals(loved this), mandala coloring, and art puzzle projects.


Post-It Mural of Mark Twain

GHAC will host another OPEN HOUSE  on Thursday, March 23 from 12-130p at their headquarters on 100 Pearl Street, Hartford, CT.

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