Bleat to the Future

#Hartford Yard Goats in the Yard!
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2017 Building the Future - Hartford Yard Goats Photo-by-Edward-Main

No time to waste: The Hartford Yard Goats eagerly await completion of their new home in Hartford

Life is about overcoming obstacles and today’s Hartford Yard Goat Media Day celebrated a big one. No need to go into the year-old (or more) drama we are all familiar with by now, it’s time to move on. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a group of goats is called a tribe or a trip; and what a trip its been. But the past is the past; let the lawyers sort out that mess.

It’s spring and it’s baseball season. It’s time to move the story of the Hartford Yard Goats from the front page to the sports page. It’s time to bring in a fresh tribe of kids (see what we did there?) to stock the yard and build the farm in Hartford. Some goats may become mountain goats, moving up to their MLB parent club, the Colorado Rockies, but for now they are Hartford Yard Goats. It’s time to celebrate their arrival in Hartford after a year of nomadic roaming across the northeast without a home.

Dunkin Donuts Park Home of the Hartford Yard Goats 2017 pano Photo-by-Edward-Main

Today the barn was opened up and it became the first time media was granted access to the new hometown team in their own home, Dunkin Donuts Park. Welcome to town kids! @GoYardGoats!

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