#tbt: looking back, looking forward


Hartford Whalers final game in Hartford. Photo tweeted by @XLCenter

Coincidence or not, today is a quintessential #ThrowbackThursday in Hartford. It marks the 20th anniversary of the LAST DAY that the beloved Hartford Whalers took the home ice at the Hartford Civic Center (now XLCenter).


It also marks a loooooong-awaited day of achievement for the new kid on the block. the Hartford Yard Goats, to open up a home game at Dunkin Donuts Park. Looking back at the news cycle and when this all started in 2014, it seems like this day would never come. But, here we are, on April 13, 2017, looking forward, while looking back. Holding onto and embracing the past while celebrating the future and obstacles overcome.

tbt stadium hartford

Media coverage of new ballpark coming to Hartford

The Yard Goats certainly aren’t letting this achievement go by without a dance, literally. They posted a dancing GIF today (see below) with the caption “Welcome to the last day anyone can ever ask if the ballpark is going to open.” Apparently, it is time for a well deserved goat gloat.

goatgloat 041317

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