Join the circuses in Hartford – yep,two.

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The circuses are in town! As it turns out, there are actually TWO circuses in town this weekend and only one of them has elephants. Most people already know Ringling Bros are here for their swan song at XL Center, but the circus is also alive and well at the Bushnell Theater with CIRCUS 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus.

Circus 1903

Photo: Circus 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus ©ScottLevyMSG

Step back in time to an era when the circus coming to town meant the big top and a swirling excitement for kids, young and old. The show features some amazing puppetry, as elephants come to life through the athleticism and artistry of the performers. Join the circus troupe backstage as they prepare to open a show in a new town and thrill locals with classic acts such as tightrope, trapeze, contortion, acrobatics and more.

Created by the producers of The Illusionists and the award winning puppeteers from War Horse, the Los Angeles Times called it “Stunning… deliciously turn-of-the-century…astonishing!”.

CIRCUS 1903 – The Golden Age of Circus plays from April 28-30 at the Bushnell


As we walked the streets around the XL Center today, we nostalgically had to capture images of what is likely our last opportunity to see those railroad cars parked outside the back doors of the arena. So long Ringling Bros., thanks for the laughs.

Ringling Bros plays its final performances ever at the XL Center from April 27-30

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