Year of the Millennial

MillenialsNOYEARhartDont get all salty or sus on us for jumping on the millennial bandwagon, we are in fact v woke on this whole generation thing a hundo P. Yea, better bounce on that verbiage for a few before you dipset this whole article RN.

Seriously though, ever since they started adulting, millennials have been making a splash everywhere they go. I mean, they even got this Gen Xer to respect them and the force they bring to today’s culture and our great capital city.

So, INHartford Mag is officially declaring 2018 as the “Year of the Millennial!” We will feature stories and highlights of the impact millennials are making in Hartford as well as ways organizations are having success reaching millennials. We aren’t going to get into all the demographics and trends that this generation is about, as there are a plethora of articles that have already done that. We are going to celebrate the impact the youthful peeps are making across all areas of central Connecticut.

Do you know a millennial who is straight fire and thirsty out there? Someone who is adulting well and making an impact? Do you know an organization that is embracing the changes we have seen and adapting to successful attract millennials? Drop us a line (on social, below) and tell us why we should feature them – maybe we will?

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NOTE to millennials: Dont get all head swol that you now have your own official year. Yea, I don’t think I used that right, sorry not sorry. OK, I got no chill; the struggle is real.


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