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Oh, hello there, nice to meet you. We are INHartford Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to what’s happening #INHartford in the arts, entertainment, sports, tourism and special events around the greater Hartford, Connecticut area. Oh but, since we are friends now, please just call us INHartford Mag or even just @INHartford. You have seen us on WTNH’s CT Style show and across social media no doubt. Plan on seeing much more of us around town, covering the upcoming events AND snapping pics all over the place. SNAP ~ we got ya! Expect to find listings, photo albums, blog posts and even some exclusive feature articles. All here, at the NEW INHartfordmag.com. It’s ok if you remember INHartfordMagazine.com also, its works, even though it’s a bit more stuffy. Hey, you can even put a “www.” in front of it and find us on “The Twitter” and “The Instagram” and everywhere you are ~ yes we are #snarky, but you know you love us already.

Email: INHartfordMag@gmail.com

For sports happenings in Hartford follow us @HartfordSports also

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